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Had brunch with my 2 lovelies here for a belated birthday celebration and an extremely overdue christmas gift exchange. The atmosphere was nice and everything on the menu looked pretty appetizing. 

green omelette

So after a long contemplation on whether I should get the chocolate chip waffles or this, I opted for this because on the menu it says the omellete includes: Asparagus, Broccoli, Spinach, Scallions, Chives and Feta topped with Avocado and Gudelio’s Roasted Pepper Salsa, served with Rosemary Roasted Potatoes or Fruit. I thought this choice was more worth it and all those ingredients just sounded mouth watering. However, I was completely disappointed in the omellete. The vegetables inside had NO flavor at all and all the flavor came from the feta cheese. I imagined that the chef would sautee the veggies first, but no, it’s basically steamed/boiled  veggies thrown in some egg. Moreover, I read that the rosemary potatoes are to die for and honestly, they were not. Nothing special with the potatoes. 

baked creme brulee french toast

This needs to totally go on the dessert menu instead. Even though it was rather sweet, I still enjoyed it. This looks nothing like a toast nor does it have the texture of a toast either.  It was so moist it was almost like cake drenched in a cinnamon-y/vanilla sauce or bread pudding.

Parmesan crusted potato cake with eggs 
I think out of the 3 dishes we ordered, this one was the best. I liked the buttery warm potato accompanied by fresh salsa and guacamole and eggs. Originally the eggs are suppose to be poached, but my friend requested it to be scrambled instead. 

I’m not sure if I would come back here because they’re somewhat pricey and I think I can get the same stuff at Peach Cafe or other cafes for a cheaper price. 

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